...and you thought oatmeal was just for breakfast (jchcskater) wrote in iteh,
...and you thought oatmeal was just for breakfast

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embarassing pictures

in the early hours...formerly known as...Last Eleven. Best band ever!!!

cool clothes and hair!

sorry guys...I just found these...I had to do it
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dude thats amazing.
i remember when kyle had short blonde hair, hahahaha.
haha.. my room at like 4 posters then.. now... it has like 280 something.
yeah I noticed how bare the walls were too. crazy!
what studs!! haha...
that is crazy my hair was like pink
what song were you guys working on shallow pools or something
haha most likely...brandon was busting out a bass solo I bet.

so crappy haha!
hey buddy that was the best bass solo. Better than rancid. LOL. LAST 11 was oh so sweet. NOT
where are kyle's girl pants?
haha are u kidding. this is when kyle's favorite type of music was "disaster pop" and he was all about blink 182 and saves the day