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hell yeah for posting in dead communities!

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wednesday, may 18th, 2005
fraser lions club
34540 Utica rd
rock at 6, 6$

the sleeping
today i wait
a sundial
till death do us part

be there

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Anima sola is looking for a bass player...

does the former bassist from this band wanna SHOT?

someone let me know. cause we have about 7 shows set up in april, and more comming, with some of the best bands in detroit. recording in a month. tour scheduled for the summer

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whats up guys sorry about teh badn breaking up thing but even though i wasnt im the band i still ahd fun being involved with it , it was alot of fun while it lasted
thanks alot

well ill see you all tommarow haha or soon

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I'm curious...whats the future of In The Early Hours, minus Kyle? is it over or are you guys going to try to find a new guitarist? I miss you all!?!

-the old drummer-
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Well, I'm Kyle. I was (one of) the guitarist from In The Early Hours. I'm quiting the band for sure. Wenesday at Fraser High School (battle of the bands) is my last show with the band.

reasons why I quit?
Well.. The reason is becuase we were "undeciding". We couldn't come up with a compromise that satisfied everyone in the band. Everyone wants something different. I just thought that I would give up and stop trying to come up with something to make everyone happy and go on a different path.

Sorry guys for letting you down. Most of all, sorry Brandon + Nick.. I know you guys loved it the most. But theres just a time when you need to give up. I've learned that over and over again in this last month. But just becuase I'm gone, dosen't mean you guys have to quit. Thank you guys for understand. And sorry.
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Anyone that has or will be buying a ticket to see us March 12th, if you could take pictures of us during our set, that'd be great. Simply wonderful.